Largent will always have Zorn's back

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I'm not sure which guy Steve Largent hit harder, Mike Harden in 1988 or Daniel Snyder on Tuesday.

Largent's actions were justified in both cases, I think.

The shots he took at Snyder regarding the Redskins' handling of Largent's former teammate, Jim Zorn, seemed as calculated as the famous revenge hit on the Broncos' Harden.

Largent to Mitch Levy on KJR radio: "[Zorn] inherited everything that he has to work with today and yet all the blame is being laid on his feet because he can't make them a Super Bowl champion, which I could have told you two years ago, they don't have a Super Bowl-quality team. And so it doesn't matter how good a coach you have, you are not going to get there with the players the owner gives you. I know it's frustrating for Jim. He is making the best of it."

Should make for some good fodder on Matt Mosley's NFC East blog.

Audio: Listen to the full Largent interview here.