XTRA910 audio: Seeking Michael Floyd

First-round draft choice Michael Floyd caught zero passes while playing less than one-third of the Arizona Cardinals' offensive snaps in Week 1.

His role in the offense will grow, but how quickly?

"This is the week you maybe try to get Michael Floyd involved and you go four wide, or you get your two tight ends involved," Mike Jurecki said Friday during our weekly NFC West discussion on XTRA Sports 910 AM in Phoenix.

The Cardinals had much more success passing against Seattle in the opener when they played with three or four wide receivers instead of the standard two. The differences, illustrated in the chart from ESPN Stats & Information, were striking: 15 yards and 1.2 yards per attempt with two or fewer receivers, compared to 200 yards and 8.7 per attempt with at least three.

That type of disparity will not hold up over time.

Since last season, however, the Patriots' opponents have 23 touchdowns and 14 interceptions when using three or four receivers. They have four touchdowns and 10 interceptions the rest of the time.