2012 Grid Challenge: Four 49ers shined

Those setting their 2012 NFC West Gridiron Challenge lineups before Sunday might want to read through Tom Carpenter's suggested plays.

One suggestion staring everyone in the face: Buy Matt Ryan before the quarterback's value climbs with another strong performance.

Week 1: Top NFC West Scorers

We're still early enough in the season to purchase top players reasonably. However, prices are already spiking based on performance. A week ago, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster cost $6 million from the $50 million allotment. His price is now $6.4 million. Ryan's price jumped from $5.8 million to $6.2 million, still below the prices for nine other quarterbacks.

Elsewhere, Matthew Berry uses his Week 2 column to call out the Arizona Cardinals' pass rush, lament Vernon Davis' dependence on touchdowns for value, admit he was wrong about Frank Gore in Week 1 and wonder whether the St. Louis Rams have improved their play-action defense heading into a matchup against Robert Griffin III.

By the way, Davis and David Akers are the NFC West players in my Week 2 lineup. They were there last week as well. My team put up 123 points in Week 1. That was much better than my wife's team, which will remain unlinked in the interests of marital peace. She wouldn't even tell me her score for the week, and I couldn't find her team. If you see a team with "sandowife" in the name, let me know. Your anonymity is assured. One of our sons fared better than me. The other did not. They're both having fun with it.

Congrats to 9erfan83 for posting the highest score among the more than 1,400 players in our group as of Friday night. Fifty-three combined points from Ryan and teammate Julio Jones helped.

As the chart shows and headline points out, the 49ers led NFC West scorers in four of the six positions.