With 49ers' help, West can pull rare sweep

SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco 49ers are one half away from giving the NFC West a 4-0 record in the same week for the second time since the NFL realigned its divisions in 2002.

How odd would it be if the 49ers were the one team failing to hold up its end? They hold a 14-6 halftime lead and are controlling the game overall, but they haven't been as crisp as they were against Green Bay last week.

All four NFC West teams won in Week 10 last season. St. Louis defeated Cleveland, 13-12; Arizona defeated Philadelphia, 21-17; Seattle defeated Baltimore, 22-17; and the 49ers defeated the New York Giants, 27-20.

So far Sunday, Arizona has defeated New England, St. Louis has defeated Washington and Seattle has defeated Dallas. All three of those opponents had been 1-0 entering Week 2. The Lions were 1-0 entering this game at San Francisco.

Enjoy the second half.

Note: Some apparently thought I was kidding earlier Sunday when I suggested all four NFC West teams would win. In retrospect, I've decided I was serious at the time.