MossWatch: 49ers fine when he's on field

The San Francisco 49ers hoped quarterback Alex Smith and their offense would benefit from upgrades at wide receiver this season.

It's working so far.

2012 Randy Moss Factor

Smith has completed 25 of 28 passes (89.3) when targeting wide receivers. That includes 12-of-13 passing when targeting newcomers Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.

Thanks to ESPN Stats & Information for sharing that remarkable note.

Digging a little deeper, I put together a chart showing the 49ers' offensive production with and without Moss on the field. Variables beyond Moss affect the numbers. At the very least, however, the numbers make it tough to say Moss is holding back the offense in any way.

Moss drew a pass-interference penalty in the end zone against Detroit on Sunday night, setting up Frank Gore's 1-yard touchdown run during a 27-19 victory.

For more on the 49ers' passing game, check out Matt Maiocco's breakdown focusing on the 11 incomplete passes Smith threw Sunday night. Nearly all of them were catchable. The one uncatchable pass came on a ball Smith threw away to avoid a big loss.

Side note: Moss gets a shot at his original NFL team when the 49ers visit Minnesota in Week 3.