Rams dirty? Cries sound like progress

I'll have an item a bit later Thursday looking at how the St. Louis Rams could make life tougher for their NFC West rivals.

In the meantime, Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins are complaining about dirty play from the Rams during St. Louis' 31-28 victory at the Edward Jones Dome in Week 2. It's been a while since anyone complained about facing the Rams.

"I don't want to tip-toe the lines of anything that's happened with bounties or anything like that," Griffin said, "but they were definitely going after me," Griffin said. "They made it a point, obviously, all week to hit me. Some of the shots were cheap of that nature."

A thorough review of game footage appears in order. Right off the top, though, the Rams' coaches have to like what they're hearing. They want their team playing with an edge and dishing out more punishment than it receives. Gregg Williams would be their defensive coordinator if the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal hadn't intervened.

Through two weeks, the Rams and Redskins are tied with the third-most penalties for unnecessary roughness, personal fouls, roughing the passer and unsportsmanlike conduct. Each team has four. Baltimore has six and Philadelphia has five.

I'll report back after watching the video.