From the fairness in scheduling department

Got a scheduling complaint from Lou, a Seattle Seahawks fan going by @seehawk80 on Twitter.

"Isn't it funny how Green Bay gets 11 days rest between games and Seattle gets eight?" he writes. "Couple more days for players to get healthy. That's fair."

Here's what is even more fair about it, Lou: Seattle's most recent opponent, Dallas, was also coming off an 11-day layoff. The Cowboys opened the season with a Wednesday night game against the New York Giants on Sept. 5. They were then off until visiting Seattle on Sept. 16. Not that it seemed to matter; Seattle won, 27-7.

The Packers last played Sept. 13, a Thursday. They face Seattle on Monday, Sept. 24.

Seattle does get to play at home for these games against the Cowboys and Packers. The Seahawks also have one of the NFL's younger rosters. We're early in the season, too. Throw those factors together and the Seahawks shouldn't be at a great disadvantage based on their opponents' layoffs.