Rams dirty? Not according to the NFL

The NFL did not see the St. Louis Rams the way Washington's Robert Griffin III saw them in Week 2.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Quintin Mikell, Robert Quinn, William Hayes, Cortland Finnegan, Kendall Langford and Craig Dahl were among the Rams players taking shots at Griffin during a 31-28 Rams victory. All seven escaped NFL fines for the hits I outlined during a play-by-play accounting of the game. That means the NFL saw their tactics as within the rules.

The league did hand down fines for players on both teams. But none of the fines appeared to concern plays involving hits the Rams put on Griffin.

The NFL fined Rams defensive end Quinn in the amount of $7,875 for striking a Redskins offensive lineman in the head. Teammate Janoris Jenkins received a $15,750 fine for hitting the Redskins' Fred Davis. Rams guard Quinn Ojinnaka received two fines, each for $7,875 and each for hitting an opponent late.

The Redskins' Josh Morgan received a $7,875 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct. His teammate, Lorenzo Alexander, received a $15,750 fine for a horse-collar tackle.

The apparent absence of Griffin-related fines seems to validate the Rams' approach to defense in this game. There's still room for a team to play with an edge. Looks like Griffin, not the Rams, is the one needing to adapt.