XTRA910 audio: Quietly seeking run game

Convening an NFC West search party to locate the Arizona Cardinals' ground game would have qualified as bad form under the circumstances.

The Cardinals have a 2-0 record, after all. They're coming off a memorable 20-18 victory at New England.

Rushing on 1st/2nd Down vs. Def. Formation

This week really wasn't the time to pick nits.

But if you come a little nearer, I'll whisper some alarming stats: Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams are on pace to combine for 640 yards rushing this season. Also, and I'm really going to whisper this one: Larry Fitzgerald is on pace for 40 receptions, 536 yards and no touchdowns.

Dan Bickley, Mike Jurecki and I summoned the nerve to mention the Cardinals' ground game in particular during our weekly conversation Friday on XTRA Sports 910 AM. They've posted the audio, but remember to keep the volume on the low side. No Debbie Downers around here.

The chart shows rushing averages for NFC West offenses on early downs based on the defensive personnel they were facing. Seattle hasn't faced a 4-3 defense yet. Arizona hasn't faced a 3-4 defense yet. San Francisco's numbers are strong across the board.