49ers have to like this development

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

HOUSTON -- The 49ers' unexpected selection of receiver Michael Crabtree made some think Alex Smith might be better suited than Shaun Hill to run the offense.

The thinking was that Smith would be better suited to the intermediate and deeper passing game.

Crabtree was late in signing, Smith showed little during the exhibition season and the thought faded quickly.

With Crabtree making his debut and the offense struggling Sunday, the 49ers made the switch to Smith at halftime. Smith immediately led the 49ers down the field to a touchdown, finding Crabtree and Vernon Davis over the middle.

This could wind up being a best-case scenario for the 49ers, even if they lose this game (Houston leads, 21-7). Smith was 2 of 2 for 46 yards and a touchdown during the drive to open the second half. The quarterback change also forced the Texans to adjust at the line. Smith's cadence drew Houston offside.

We'll see if the 49ers can sustain their success now that the Texans kinow Smith is at quarterback.