Closed mind? Tired of MNF talk? Skip this

The Green Bay Packers was robbed Monday night, replacement officials were to blame, the Seattle Seahawks should be grateful for a gifted victory and anyone seeking to justify the outcome needs to move on already.

How dare anyone challenge the narrative!

No one has done it more defiantly or resoundingly than Scott Kacsmar of Cold, Hard Football Facts.

Kacsmar loves to do his football homework. He's the man primarily responsible for separating fact from fiction on fourth-quarter comeback victories and game-winning drives for Pro Football Reference. A contrarian streak runs through his work.

Kacsmar's latest piece asserts that Seattle's Golden Tate controlled the football before Green Bay's M.D. Jennings controlled it, even though Tate had only one hand on the football while doing so. I've separately made available a series of photographs taken by Larry Maurer, who has had sideline access to Seahawks games since 2004. This one in particular stands out if you accept the "control" premise Kacsmar advances.

"The biggest travesty in the NFL this week comes from all the fans and media that have let a perfect storm of events shape the biggest overreaction ever to a call that was right, and a touchdown that was legitimate," Kacsmar writes.

The No. 1 question I have regarding Kacsmar's piece is to what degree the examples he provides of players gaining control of the football with only one hand apply to this particular situation.

The NFL has said the available evidence prevents a clear verdict beyond the statement released earlier in the week. I thought the Packers intercepted the pass, but I wasn't sure -- and I'm less sure now. Thankfully, there's no law against continued thoughtful discussions just because some have wearied of the debate.