Around the NFC West: So, the Jets quit?

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Carlos Rogers hurt the New York Jets with a 51-yard fumble return for a touchdown Sunday.

Rogers didn't stop there. Nope. He didn't quit. The Jets did, at least according to Rogers.

"Yeah, you could see it happening," Rogers told SiriusXM NFL Radio. "It kind of shocked me because a lot of guys on (our) sideline were saying, 'They don't want to tackle, they don't want to do this, they don't want to do that.' "

OK, I realize the NFC West is vastly improved. Its teams have a 9-3 record outside the division. But are we now to believe NFC West opponents are tapping out early?

"That's a Rex Ryan defense," Rogers told SiriusXM. "That's a Rex Ryan team ... and his defense, you know, plays throughout. That was the shocking point about it."

Gone are the days when NFL players eagerly awaited the schedule release so they could circle the NFC West opponents as if setting aside vacation days.

So far this season, we've seen Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III complain about rough treatment from the St. Louis Rams -- treatment that generated no known fines from the NFL office. We've seen the Green Bay Packers become martyrs at CenturyLink Field. Arizona and Seattle meted out 13 sacks and 25 quarterback hits without allowing a touchdown pass when facing Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers, respectively.

Now, the Jets quit while trailing the 49ers by 34 points? The Jets will surely deny it.

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