Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

I'm headed to San Francisco this weekend for the Patriots-49ers game at Candlestick Park, but I could use your help in setting the travel schedule beyond Week 5.

Cowboys-Cardinals and Packers-Seahawks both appeal in Week 6. The Arizona game had the edge in my mind before the Cardinals allowed 56 points to the Jets. Going to Cowboys-Cardinals might mean not seeing Seattle in person for Weeks 4, 5, 6 or 7.

BRO8855 thinks I should be headed for Seahawks-Giants this week: "Are you serious sando? the hawks giants game not worth covering? the hawks have beaten the giants the past two times they've played them. granted they were at home, but the last two times the hawks played the giants at the medowlands they lost but only by a combined six points."

Not bad, BRO. I'll be keeping close watch on that game from the press box at Candlestick. And I could be talked into seeing Packers-Seahawks in Week 6.

The chart shows how many times I've seen each team in the division this season (I watch every game on video, of course, but the chart reflects only games attended). A quick look at the travel schedule so far:

Week 1: Cardinals at 49ers.

Week 2: 49ers at Seahawks.

Week 3: Rams at Seahawks.

Week 4: Cardinals at Jets.

Week 5: Patriots at 49ers.

Week 6: ???

I'll list upcoming matchups for NFC West teams below. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Week 6

  1. Cowboys at Cardinals. Joe_cool585 writes: "Too much of a statement game for the Cardinals. It's the perfect time in the season to make a statement and determine wether you're a contender or pretender."

  2. Packers at Seahawks.

  3. Eagles at 49ers.

  4. Rams at Redskins. Mr. Zero writes: "Maybe you can recruit a Rams fan, hook them up with a press pass and they can report their observations back to you. No big deal if the reporting is marginal, it can't be any worse than the Rams will be anyway."

Week 7

  1. 49ers at Giants.

  2. Seahawks at Bucs. Cyclonem31 writes: "Might be must win for the Seahawks if they want to return to the playoffs. They will need wins against non-division opponents in order to do so."

  3. Cowboys at Rams.

Week 8

  1. Seahawks at 49ers. Pete Reggio writes: "If Seahawks and/or 49ers are good at this point, watch the rematch."

  2. Cardinals at Panthers. Cyclonem31 writes: "If they both at tops of their divisions by this point (which is very likely) this might be the game of the week in the NFC. Another great test to see if the Cards are for real after the bye week."

  3. Rams at Patriots.

Week 9

  1. Eagles at Seahawks. RhynoEsea writes: "Who wants to see Cardinals vs Rams?"

  2. Cardinals at Rams.

Week 10

  1. 49ers at Cardinals. Bronsonsmithjr. writes: "You will have to be in arizona week ten, because this game could turn out to be a defining game for the west."

  2. Seahawks at Dolphins.

  3. Rams at Jets.