You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 5)

We've got NFC West football Thursday night, accelerating our weekly prediction items.

First, congratulations to dutchrider for predicting the Arizona Cardinals' 24-21 victory over the Miami Dolphins as part of the "You called it" contest for Week 4. I've added his name to our 2012 Wall of Fame at the bottom of this entry.

NFC West teams are coming off a 3-1 week, with the only defeat within the division. That will be the best possible outcome for Week 5 as well.

Those using the comments section of this item to predict winners and final scores correctly will not receive $725,274. Sorry about that.

A spot on the Wall of Fame awaits those picking correct outcomes and scores for any of the Week 5 games involving NFC West teams:

I'll make my predictions later Thursday, one day earlier than usual.

Once games begin, I go into the comments section and copy all predictions into a separate file. I'll do that as the Thursday night game gets started. I'll leave open the comments section until kickoffs Sunday.

The chart below shows winners from the current season. We're also competing in a "Pigskin Picks" contest this year.