Naming names: How QBs fared vs. West

We follow up our cumulative look at NFC West defensive dominance versus quarterbacks with a breakdown by individual player.

New England's Tom Brady, held to 18 points during a home defeat to Arizona, gets another shot at the NFC West when his team visits Seattle in Week 6.

Eli Manning (not listed) faces the San Francisco 49ers. Ryan Tannehill faces the St. Louis Rams. Ryan Fitzpatrick faces the Cardinals.

The second-to-last column shows how many points opposing quarterbacks have contributed above what an average quarterback would contribute in the same number of plays, according to ESPN’s metrics for the position. "PAA" stands for points above average.

NFC West teams have allowed only 14 touchdown passes this season. Every other division has allowed between 25 and 39.

2012 QBR vs. NFC West Through Week 5