Every scoring defense ranks among top five

NFC West teams rank second through fifth in fewest points allowed through Week 6.

That's a big change from this point last season, when only the San Francisco 49ers ranked among the top 18 in that category. The 49ers were second then, followed in the division by the Arizona Cardinals (19th), Seattle Seahawks (21st) and St. Louis Rams (30th).

2012 NFL Top Scoring Defenses

As the chart shows, Seattle ranks second this season, followed in order by San Francisco, Arizona and St. Louis -- all in the top five.

Only the Chicago Bears are allowing fewer points per game (in one fewer game). The Bears are allowing 14.2 points per game. Seattle (15.5), San Francisco (15.7) and Arizona (16.2) are allowing fewer than 17 points per game. The Rams are next at 18.5.

So far this season, NFC West teams have faced the following quarterbacks: Tom Brady (twice), Aaron Rodgers (twice), Matthew Stafford (twice), Ryan Fitzpatrick (twice), Russell Wilson (twice), Ryan Tannehill (twice), Sam Bradford (twice), Kevin Kolb (twice), Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning, Christian Ponder, Robert Griffin III, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler.