Not just talk: Seahawks, Cards limited Brady

Richard Sherman spoke his mind after Sunday's win over New England. AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

My flight back from San Francisco to Seattle arrived a bit late Monday.

The air blasting from Richard Sherman's mouth could have strengthened the jet stream.

"Richard Sherman trashes Pats' O," the headline on ESPN.com reads.

We've gone over this ground. Sherman loves riling up opponents. He provoked Carolina Panthers receiver Steve Smith a week ago. He's provoking Tom Brady and the Patriots now.

Sherman is a very good player. He generally backs up his words. His latest comments will invite greater scrutiny should Sherman stumble in the future. Three weeks ago, St. Louis' Chris Givens beat him for a 52-yard reception in the Rams' 19-13 victory.

Sherman wins many more battles than he loses. It'll be fun to watch him battle the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night.

In the meantime, I've put together a couple charts.

2012 Tom Brady by Division

The first one shows Total QBR metrics for Brady by the divisions he has faced. He has played two NFC West teams, Seattle and Arizona. He has played one team from the AFC East, AFC South, AFC North and AFC West.

That is hardly a divisional cross section, but we do see how this division has fared against him so far. The 49ers visit New England later in the season. St. Louis faces the Patriots in London.

The "PAA" column shows how many points Brady has produced above what an average quarterback would produce against an average defense. Brady is in the negative against the NFC West. He is 0-2 against the division so far.

The chart below shows Brady's stats, including NFL passer rating, by the opponents he has faced to this point in the season. Again, we see Arizona and Seattle faring much better against him than other teams have fared.

2012 Tom Brady Production by Opponent, Weeks 1-6