Bruschi: 'No problem' with Sherman's talk

Tedy Bruschi's chat for ESPNBoston.com includes his observations from the New England-Seattle game.

Among them: The former Patriots linebacker had no problem with the trash talk Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman directed Tom Brady's way.

"The Seahawks' secondary had a huge day," Bruschi said. "There was trash-talking going on during the game, and when you win a game like that, you earn the right to talk some trash. If you're Seattle, you just shut down the highest scoring offense in the league and its quarterback was challenging you during the game. It's a little trash talking; I have no problem with it."

Sherman elaborated during an appearance on NFL Network, noting that his comments stemmed from on-field interactions with Brady. Those included Brady looking up at the scoreboard, which showed New England leading, after Sherman's teammate, Earl Thomas, suggested he should have had a couple additional interceptions.

"I have great deal of respect for everything Tom Brady has done in his career, his Super Bowls, MVPs," Sherman told NFL Network. "He's a tremendous player, he's done a lot of great things."

ESPN's Antonio Pierce, former linebacker for the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, also had no problem with Sherman's comments. Pierce's thoughts appear in the video below.