Football Today: 2012 NFC West Week 8

Ross Tucker, Matt Williamson and Jay Soderberg are back with their weekly NFL predictions on the latest Football Today podcast for Week 8.

  • 19:50 mark: Williamson calls the Seattle Seahawks "far superior" to the Detroit Lions this season. He thinks Seattle can do enough offensively to win the game. Soderberg notes that Russell Wilson has the 31st-ranked Total QBR on the road this season, while Matthew Stafford has been quite strong at home. Tucker is taking Seattle.

  • 24:40: St. Louis Rams receiver Chris Givens gives the team a chance to make big plays against the Patriots' pass defense. Williamson thinks Brandon Lloyd needs to step up for the Patriots. He expects a close game and favors the Patriots' experience for playing in an overseas game. Soderberg and Williamson mock Tucker for liking the Rams.

  • 34:52: Williamson expects San Francisco's pass rush to overwhelm the Cardinals, allowing the 49ers to take control in the second half Monday night. He expects a close game, but one the 49ers should win because, in his view, they're simply better.

Enjoy Week 8.