Poignant look at Rams' Finnegan via 'E:60'

E:60 - Cortland Finnegan (11:47)

Instigator, annoying, dirty... to most these are the words that define Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan. But to 19-year-old Kelsey Towns, the words that define Cortland Finnegan are inspiring, loving, genuine and friend. (11:47)

Cortland Finnegan was well on his way to bowling a 300 game when news came from his agent that he would be signing with the St. Louis Rams.

That is far from the most compelling aspect of this "E:60" program featuring what matters to the veteran cornerback off the field. The sister Finnegan never knew and the young cancer patient whose cause he adopted come into focus.

"Most people don't realize he has a heart of gold off the field," Rams coach Jeff Fisher says in the video.

This one is definitely worth a look.