Mailbag: More Cardinals coverage, please!

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Oz from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., writes: Sando, I am getting depressed reading all these other "biopsies" of the NFC West teams that lost Sunday (and yes the Rams lost vs the Bye week). How about getting a little more in depth with the demolition against previously unbeaten Buffalo. In short - More Cards coverage please!

Mike Sando: You've got a deal. I'm in San Francisco for another couple hours but will be heading to Arizona for the Cowboys-Cardinals game in Week 6. We had talked on the blog about which game to cover next week, but the results in Week 5 made this one a no-brainer.

Julian from Frankfurt, Germany, writes: Hey Mike. The Cards are now 3-2 with an impressive win over the Bills, but I am concerned with our defense. They had some big plays late in the game but got burned in the first and it seems like they are able to make every opponents QB look like a Pro Bowler and they either get a lot of turnovers or none at all. They are really lacking consistency so far and we have to be lucky not to get any players injured. There was a sudden impact felt with Wilson and Watson back in the lineup compared to the Jets game. Your thoughts?
Mike Sando: Adrian Wilson makes a huge difference for that defense. You should still be concerned about the big plays. I'll watch the video Tuesday and speak with people in the know (coaches, players, etc.) to get a better idea on challenges specific to that defense. Getting Bert Berry back at some point would help. The bye week might allow Berry and Wilson to heal up. I think those players are important.

Deric from Twin Falls, Idaho, writes: Mike, as a Seattle fan through and through I'm really pissed off today. The loss to the Giants was bad, but the players' comments and attitude after the game was even worse. Why do the players not care? I just finished listening to a radio interview with Josh Wilson, he was ho-hum about the loss, and seemed in good spirits, he gave the same ole lines about watching tape, getting better, and figuring it out. What is wrong with the Seahawks? Where did their passion go? They don't seem to care one way or the other whether they win or lose. Please explain the lack of emotion and drive this team has recently suffered, and hold some players/coaches accountable!
Mike Sando: I hear you. The Seahawks' performance against the Giants was uninspired. There is no excuse for that. I cannot explain it. Where is the passion? Only the Seahawks can answer that question. They don't necessarily need anyone to break chairs in the locker room or curse out the team. They just need to play like they mean it.

As an aside, I just finished speaking with 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. He is one of the most passionate players you'll encounter, but he was quite reserved when speaking with reporters in the locker room Monday. I would not mistake that for Willis not caring about the 49ers' defeat in Week 5. But in Willis' case, the effort on the field was obvious. He had 18 tackles.

Erik from Olympia writes: Watching the last 2 Hawks game I noticed that Rookie TE John Carlson has been seeing little to no action. After a good preseason and a pretty good first two games, I thought they would start to utilize him a bit more. What is your take on Carlson's utilization and future with the Hawks? Was I just getting my hopes up that we finally had a TE that could Catch and Hold onto the ball?
Mike Sando: The nature of the tight end position is such that it's not unusual for a player to go a game or two without catching a pass. Carlson should reemerge at some point. Seattle is not going to funnel its offense through him. Carlson was one of the only options when Seattle had fewer healthy receivers. He has competition for passes now. I would expect his numbers to improve as the passing game improves. Using him to help convert a third down every once in a while might not be a bad idea. Update: Mike Holmgren blamed Carlson's non-involvement on a scheme issue. That's unusual. Looked to me as though Matt Hasselbeck was happy to have his wide receivers back.

Ken from Bellevue, Wash., writes: Sando, Do you ever wish you were covering a different division besides the NFC West? What other division would you want to cover? -Ken
Mike Sando: Not at all. The division or quality of play within the division doesn't affect what I want to do. Plus, I like living on the West Coast.