Sando says: Tell me where to go

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Cardinals' lopsided victory and the Seahawks lopsided defeat removed any doubt from our travel plans for Week 6. It's off to the desert for the Cardinals and Cowboys at University of Phoenix Stadium.

A strong contingent of contributors favored hitting the Packers-Seahawks game (see comments) at Qwest Field, but that was before the Seahawks failed to show in the Meadowlands. The Packers also lost at home to the Falcons.

As bad as the Cardinals looked against the Jets in Week 5, they found a way to beat the Bills impressively. I didn't want to be sitting in Seattle whiel the Cardinals had a chance to reach 4-2 for the first time since 2002.

Cardinals fans remember 2002. That was the year Arizona defeated Dallas to reach 4-2 -- before losing six in a row and nine of 10 to finish 5-11.

The chart shows how many times I've seen each team in the division this season (I watch every game on video, but the chart reflects only games attended). A quick look at the travel schedule so far:

Week 1: Cardinals at 49ers.

Week 2: 49ers at Seahawks.

Week 3: Rams at Seahawks.

Week 4: Cardinals at Jets.

Week 5: Patriots at 49ers.

Week 6: Cowboys at Cardinals

I'll list upcoming matchups for NFC West teams below. As always, your feedback is appreciated. I really need help in Week 7.

Week 7

  1. 49ers at Giants

  2. Seahawks at Bucs

  3. Cowboys at Rams

Week 8

  1. Seahawks at 49ers

  2. Cardinals at Panthers

  3. Rams at Patriots

Week 9

  1. Eagles at Seahawks

  2. Cardinals at Rams

Week 10

  1. 49ers at Cardinals

  2. Seahawks at Dolphins

  3. Rams at Jets

Week 11

  1. Arizona at Seattle

  2. St. Louis at San Francisco

Week 12

  1. Washington at Seattle

  2. NY Giants at Arizona

  3. San Francisco at Dallas

  4. Chicago at St. Louis