Thoughts as Holmgren's name resurfaces

Former Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren never removed himself as a candidate to coach the Dallas Cowboys in the future.

He simply told reporters covering his most recent team, the Cleveland Browns, he had not pursued an opportunity with the Cowboys.

There's a big difference. So, when ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Dallas job is one Holmgren would strongly consider, that does not speak counter to previous reports. I can never recall Holmgren voluntarily reducing his leverage in such a situation. The only time he accepted a reduced role was when the Seahawks forced him to step down as general manager at the threat of his firing following the 2002 season.

The Dallas job would not be an ideal one for Holmgren because Holmgren covets the personnel power and profile Cowboys owner Jerry Jones flaunts. At this stage, however, Holmgren might not be able to command full power. If the Dallas job opens and Holmgren thinks the Cowboys would give him a chance to win relatively quickly, the fit could be right. I'm thinking Holmgren knows all about the job through his relationship with former Cowboys coach Bill Pacells.

Assembling a staff could be a challenge for Holmgren given that he's an older coach and hasn't been a head coach for several years. The fate facing Andy Reid's staff in Philadelphia could be worth monitoring if Holmgren does return to coaching. Reid and Holmgren are close friends. Their offensive philosophies are similar.

The Cowboys do have the third-easiest remaining schedule (.397). They're not finished yet. Jones has said he's committed to current coach Jason Garrett.

This will not be the last time Holmgren's name arises in such a manner, at least.