49ers can say, 'Know the rules, Schwartz!'

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz appeared to call out San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh before their postgame flap last season.

"Know the rules, Harbaugh!" Schwartz appeared to yell after Harbaugh threw his red challenge flag for a play that could not be reviewed.

When the game finally ended and the 49ers had won, Harbaugh's aggressive handshake sent Schwartz into a furor.

Looks like Schwartz needs to brush up on those rules, also. His attempt to challenge a play that he could not challenge allowed a questionable Houston Texans touchdown to stand during the Lions' 34-31 overtime defeat Thursday.

"Like them or not, rules are rules," the NFC North blog headline reads.

Harbaugh and 49ers fans might prefer our headline here on the NFC West blog.