'Geez, he is small' and other observations

Quarterback-related comments from coaches caught my attention coming out of Week 12.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Joe Philbin, Miami Dolphins coach, one day after a 24-21 victory over Seattle: "You know, he didn't do anything for me to think anything less of him. I was watching him in pregame and I looked over and I said, 'Geez, he is small.' You look at him and he’s not very tall, not impressive physically. But I was watching him move and they were taking him through a progression of throws and he’s really smooth. He’s got good velocity on the ball. In our game, it wasn’t his downfield throwing that hurt us, he found the back, check the ball down a couple of times. He made a couple of good throws in the game, but he’s just one of those guys that finds a way to win. He competes and we were fortunate at the end of the game that we were able to get to him. ... I think he’s going to be a very fine quarterback."

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, sharing impressions from Week 10 while looking ahead to the Rams' game against the 49ers in Week 13: "Mobility and accuracy. We didn’t confuse him. He made plays. And then to come back and do what he did on Monday night against the Bears was pretty impressive. Then, to carry it on again [Sunday in New Orleans] was impressive. Obviously, the subtle differences over the last couple games are that the ball is going downfield with accuracy. You take their running game -- which, we all know how talented and productive their running game is -- then you add the vertical passing game to it, it makes a huge challenge on your defense."

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Ryan Lindley

Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals coach, on sticking with Lindley following a four-interception starting debut: "Yes, we stay with Ryan. Let’s start this thing off by saying you can’t have those interceptions, but in the first half, I thought that he did a really nice job. He moved in the pocket, was decisive, managed it, and made some good throws. We had three scoring drives in the first half; 17 points, over 200 yards of offense, possession time, good on third down. I felt that we did a lot of good things, even with the pick-six. The first pick-six, that was a mistake. It was a mistake in his read. That can’t happen, but the ones in the second half, you have to learn from those. He made a bad decision and that is what you have to see, if he can learn from that."

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford

Fisher, on Bradford bouncing back from throwing a pick in the end zone: "He doesn’t let those things bother him. He tried to make a play and it didn’t happen. [Patrick] Peterson made a great play on the ball. But, he doesn't let those things bother him. He knows that he can come back and make a play, which he did. This is a tough defense and his numbers this year reflect how good they are, but at the same time, he made the plays when he got the opportunities to make the plays and make the good throws."