You called it: Fearless predictions (Wk. 13)

2008-12 You Called It Repeat Winners

With our comments sections apparently restored to functionality, we're charging ahead with our weekly predictions contest.

I've added three names to the Wall of Fame this week for picking outcomes and scores correctly on NFC West games in Week 12. NiNeR-fAn, jurgmike and mjfrankd can step forward to claim their imaginary prizes. NiNeR-fAn, perhaps enabled by a couple common scores, scored a rare two-fer by picking Miami's 24-21 victory over Seattle and San Francisco's 31-21 victory over New Orleans.

I've updated the charts accordingly. Well done.

Your shot at joining them is here. Simply use the comments section of this item to correctly pick winners and scores for the following Week 13 games involving NFC West teams:

Best of luck. I'll have my "best guesses" item Friday, as usual.

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