Revisiting Max Hall as Cards choose QB

2010 Max Hall vs. 2012 Ryan Lindley

The Max Hall experiment in Arizona suffered a damaging blow when the former Cardinals quarterback completed only 4 of 16 passes before an injury prevented him from finishing a 22-10 defeat at Seattle two seasons ago.

Hall made one more start that season, plus another appearance in relief. He never again played in the NFL.

The Cardinals hope Ryan Lindley fares better than Hall ultimately did. So far, it's been a tough go. As the chart shows, Lindley's production through two starts and a relief appearance resembles production for Hall back in 2010.

With a trip to Seattle on the schedule in Week 14, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt isn't saying whether Lindley will start against a Seahawks team that is 5-0 at home.

The chart includes rows for quarterback points above average (PAA) and points above replacement (PAR). These reflect the "number of points contributed by a quarterback over the season, accounting for QBR and how much he plays, above the level" of an average or replacement quarterback.

Lindley hasn't played much, so it's premature to return a verdict on his worthiness. But if he continues to produce at sub-replacement level, the Cardinals will surely make a change.

The Seahawks rank second in passer rating allowed at home and eighth in QBR allowed at home despite facing Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady at CenturyLink Field. Seattle also faced Mark Sanchez and Christian Ponder at home. Only Brady and Romo tossed a touchdown pass against Seattle. None of the five finished with more touchdowns than interceptions.

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