Progression read on Cards' quarterbacks

2012 Arizona Cardinals QBs

John Skelton's return to the Arizona Cardinals' lineup gives the team a more experienced and credible starting quarterback for what figures to be a challenging road game against Seattle on Sunday.

Kevin Kolb has been the Cardinals' most efficient quarterback. He was injured in Week 6 and remains sidelined indefinitely.

Skelton struggled in relief, but the offense hit new lows with Lindley over the past two games. There's no way to know whether Arizona would have held on to win against Atlanta or defeated the New York Jets in Week 13 had Skelton been the starter. I think it's reasonable, in retrospect, to say their chances would have been better with Skelton. And I think it's reasonable to assume Cardinals players would think the same way.

Sticking with Lindley, a rookie sixth-round draft choice, would look like a long-term planning move at this point. Arizona failed to convert any of its 15 third-down opportunities against the Jets. Lindley completed 10 of 31 passes in that game.

In looking at the chart, it's curious, I think, that the Cardinals have attempted longer passes on average with Lindley in the lineup. That would not seem to make sense.