49ers' playoff-clinching odds in Week 14

Informed sports fans must arm themselves with the proper rooting strategies.

49ers Clinch in Week 14, Plan 1

That is especially true late in the season, when outcomes for seemingly obscure games can affect the playoff picture for the teams fans care about.

The two charts show scenarios whereby the San Francisco 49ers can clinch a postseason berth in Week 14. They are the only NFC West team with the ability to do so this week, but it's going to take some help from their friends -- or enemies, as it might seem.

49ers Clinch in Week 14, Plan 2

On a side note, I reached out to the online sports book Bovada for odds on all these things happening. They said it would be 40-1 for the 49ers to clinch in Week 14. The charts show the scenarios by which that could happen.

Bovada also lists current odds to win the Super Bowl this way: Houston 9-2, New England 9-2, San Francisco 11-2 (from 5-1 last week), Denver (11-2), Atlanta (15-2), Green Bay (9-1) and New York Giants (12-1). They had Seattle at 33-1 (from 50-1 last week), St. Louis at 500-1 (from 400-1 last week) and Arizona at 1,000-1 (unchanged).

Update: The odds for the 49ers clinching in Week 14 are 40-1. The odds for the first scenario are 50-1. The odds for the second one are 125-1. Combining the two makes the odds 40-1.