Football Today: NFC West Week 14

Ross Tucker, Matt Williamson and Jay Soderberg are back with their weekly NFL predictions on the latest Football Today podcast for Week 14.

I've been singling out NFC West-related highlights for those interested. The full podcast is worth a listen as well.

  • 18:50 mark: St. Louis Rams at Buffalo Bills. Williamson struggled picking a winner in this game. He thinks the Rams have the better team, but he's not quite ready to trust St. Louis to win three in a row for the first time since the 2006 season.

  • 40:02 mark: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers. Williamson thinks the 49ers will play conservatively and the game will be close through about three quarters. Soderberg points out the Dolphins' troubles stopping quarterbacks outside the pocket.

  • 41:58 mark: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks. "Unwatchable" and "historically bad" were terms Williamson used for Arizona's offense. Tucker thinks the game will be closer than expected. Soderberg is calling an upset special. "Foolhardy" is the word Williamson uses to describe that pick. Tucker tried to get Soderberg to put money on his pick. It was suggested Soderberg should have to dress up as Little Bo Peep if Seattle wins.

Tucker, Williamson and Soderberg pick outcomes for all games in Week 14, so check out the full podcast if you can.

Related: Check out ESPN's expert picks for the week. Seattle and San Francisco are unanimous picks. Most are taking the Rams as well. Roll, West.