710ESPN Seattle audio: Clayton Show

Good morning/evening and welcome to Week 14 on the NFC West blog.

I'll be heading to CenturyLink Field early Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks' game against the Arizona Cardinals. The plan is to watch the St. Louis Rams-Buffalo Bills broadcast from there, then monitor the Miami Dolphins-San Francisco 49ers game while watching the Seahawks and Cardinals.

John Clayton and I kicked off the weekend Saturday by discussing some of the leading issues in the division, focusing largely on the Cardinals and Seahawks.

We discussed where Russell Wilson fits among the top rookie quarterbacks. I think he's gaining on Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III as Seattle asks him to carry more of its offensive load. If you've been following along, you already know Wilson has a 16-1 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions against the seven opponents Seattle shares with Luck's Indianapolis Colts, and that the ratio is 13-12 for Luck. In fact, Wilson is faring so well in the face of conventional wisdom that a growing number of teams wanted to draft him.

Here's the 710ESPN audio.