Jacobs' suspension hits him for a loss

Brandon Jacobs' periodic complaints about a lack of playing time have produced the opposite of their desired effect now that the San Francisco 49ers have suspended him for the final three regular-season games.

The suspension means Jacobs will lose any shot at gaining the playing time he coveted with the 49ers. It means the 49ers will not release him, which would have allowed Jacobs to play elsewhere if another team were interested in him. And if the suspension is without pay, Jacobs will lose $167,647 of his $950,000 salary.

There's not much to add here beyond my thoughts earlier Monday. The 49ers do not think Jacobs offers enough to justify playing him over other running backs on the team. Their running backs have 1,422 yards rushing and nine rushing touchdowns this season. Only five teams' running backs have more yardage.

Jacobs' frustrations are justified. The manner in which he expressed them was unusual and carried potential consequences. Coach Jim Harbaugh has generally had players' backs in public. He declined to discuss Jacobs during a news conference Monday.