Initial look at Brady against the 49ers

2012 Tom Brady vs. 49ers Defense

The San Francisco 49ers' schedule pits them against four of the six most recent Super Bowl quarterbacks.

The 49ers won on the road against Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans' Drew Brees. They struggled during a 26-3 home defeat to the New York Giants' Eli Manning.

Next up: New England's Tom Brady.

"I have great respect for him -- his career, his ability, his competitiveness, all of his unique attributes that make him the great football player that he is," 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday.

We'll dive deeper into this matchup as the week progresses. First, I'll pass along a chart comparing Brady's production this season to production for quarterbacks facing the 49ers to this point.

Arizona, Miami and Seattle are the only teams to intercept Brady this season. The Cardinals, Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens are the only teams to defeat New England. They allowed four touchdown passes and collected three of the four picks Brady has thrown while leading the Patriots to a 10-3 record.