Rams want time on their side vs. Vikings

The St. Louis Rams' run defense has improved, but there's no need to take unnecessary chances against Minnesota's Adrian Peterson on Sunday.

2012 Time of Possession by Wins/Losses

Rams coach Jeff Fisher, speaking on The Herd, said maximizing time of possession is especially important against the Vikings.

"In the Vikings' last three losses over the last five games, their time of possession was right around 22 minutes," Fisher said.

Time-of-possession splits aren't widely cited. The fact that Fisher knew what they were for the Vikings suggests he's dialed into that particular stat.

With an assist from ESPN Stats & Information, I put together a chart showing teams with the five largest time-of-possession splits by victory or defeat. The figures are more telling for teams with several victories and several defeats. The Vikings, at 7-6, are one such team. And they rank fifth in that category.

The Rams rank 15th in time of possession for the season. They are at 30:26 on average. Houston (34:51) and Jacksonville (27:39) are at the extremes.