Super Bowl favorite right here in NFC West

The San Francisco 49ers have overtaken the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Houston Texans as favorites to win the Super Bowl through Week 15.

Week 16: Odds to Win Super Bowl

Coach Jim Harbaugh probably doesn't care, but if you're a 49ers fan, this is the sort of tidbit that can come in handy when disparaging fans from rival teams -- which, judging from our comments sections, happens once every four seconds.

This marks the third time San Francisco has been installed as the favorite this season, according to online sports book Bovada.

Green Bay, New England and Houston have also been favorites at various points this season. The 49ers were tied with Denver and Houston at 6-1 odds last week, behind 3-1 favorite New England.

New England and Green Bay were the only favorites last season. The New York Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but why sweat the details?