Football Today: NFC West Week 16

Ross Tucker, Matt Williamson and Jay Soderberg have been analyzing games and picking winners each week on their Football Today podcast. Their latest conversation covers Week 16 matchups.

I've been singling out NFC West-related highlights for those interested:

  • 11:04 mark: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks. Tucker thinks Justin Smith's injury is significant enough to factor in the outcome. He also thinks the 49ers are at a disadvantage playing on the road against good teams in back-to-back weeks. Williamson thinks the game means more to Seattle, and that the atmosphere will be tough for San Francisco. He expects a close game, and thinks the 49ers have the slightly better team. Soderberg is taking the 49ers.

  • 29:36: St. Louis Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tucker is taking the Rams in what he calls a toss-up game, based mostly on how Tampa Bay has been playing lately. Williamson is also taking the Rams. He thinks the Bucs' pass rush and secondary will make inviting targets for Sam Bradford and the Rams' wide receivers. Williamson calls Josh Freeman's fundamentals "junk" and is picking against Tampa Bay more than he is picking for the Rams.

  • 41:55: Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals. Williamson expects a close game. He says the quarterback position was "not awful" for Arizona last week, but he thinks the Bears' defensive line will help Chicago pull off a close victory. Tucker also likes the Bears to win a close one.

Tucker, Williamson and Soderberg pick outcomes for all games in Week 16, so check out the full podcast if you get a chance.

Related: Check out ESPN's expert picks for the week. Seven of 12 analysts are taking the 49ers over the Seahawks. They are split on the Rams-Buccaneers game. All 12 pick the Bears over Arizona.