Quick thought while working on MVP Watch

Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson was already part of our MVP Watch list before tossing four touchdown passes against San Francisco in Week 16.

While working on the next MVP Watch, scheduled for publication later Wednesday, a non-scoring play from Wilson kept coming to mind.

Who could forget the play when Wilson scrambled around for what seemed like forever before finally running for a modest gain? The play wasn't consequential to the game's outcome, but it did symbolize the trouble San Francisco had trying to track down Wilson during Seattle's 42-13 victory.

After the game, 49ers safety Donte Whitner said it felt like Wilson was running around for 15 seconds. Whitner wasn't far off, either. Wilson had the ball in his hands for 17.6 seconds on the play in question, based on my unofficial timing of the play.

I wondered how many quarterbacks have had the ball in their hands that long during a given play, particularly one that did not feature a long gain. I'll let you know if I can find the answer. Back in a bit with MVP Watch.