Football Today: NFC West Week 17

Ross Tucker, Matt Williamson and Jay Soderberg have made their Week 17 picks as part of the latest Football Today podcast.

I've bookmarked NFC West games for you as follows:

  • 31:12 mark: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers. No surprises here. Tucker would be "stunned" if the Cardinals win this game. This game did not invite much analysis. It's just tough to envision the Cardinals' offense doing enough to win the game, even if the defense scored on interception or fumble returns.

  • 31:58: St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks. Williamson said he'd be tempted to pick the Rams if the game were in St. Louis. He thinks the game will be competitive. Tucker marvels at Seattle being a double-digit favorite. Williamson and Tucker are taking Seattle. Soderberg, a Seahawks skeptic several times earlier this season, makes Seattle his lock of the week.

Tucker, Williamson and Soderberg pick outcomes for all games in Week 17, so check out the full podcast if you get a chance.

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