Programming note: The plan for Week 17

2012 NFC West Itinerary

Good morning and welcome to Week 17 on the NFC West blog.

I'll be heading over to CenturyLink Field in a bit for the third divisional game there in the last four weeks. Seattle played no division games at home in the first 13 weeks of the season.

The Seahawks are looking to post an 8-0 record at home while possibly improving their position in the NFC playoffs. St. Louis is looking to finish the season with a 5-0-1 record against NFC West opponents and an 8-7-1 record overall.

The chart uses bold lettering and underlining to show which NFC West games I've attended. The count works out to nine San Francisco 49ers games, eight Seahawks games, four Arizona Cardinals games and three Rams games.

Week 17 provides an opportunity to do something I haven't done enough this season: watch the Rams in person.

Special circumstances too often led me away from the Rams. Those included Russell Wilson's Week 1 debut, the Lions-49ers rematch featuring handshaking head coaches, a couple Monday night games featuring other division teams, the Rams moving one of their most attractive games to London, the Cardinals' surprising fast start and Colin Kaepernick's unexpected emergence as the 49ers' starter.

There won't be any last-minute itinerary changes this time. Rams and Seahawks it is.