49ers stat sheet: Crabtree up, Davis down

Michael Crabtree has given the San Francisco 49ers their first 1,000-yard receiver since Terrell Owens in 2003.

2009-11 to 2012 Per-game Change

Owens reached the milestone five times as a 49er. Jerry Rice did it 12 times for the team. John Taylor was the only other 49ers player with more than one such season. He had two.

Crabtree, drafted 10th overall in 2009, enjoyed a career-best season. With 85 receptions for 1,105 yards, Crabtree joined Rice, Owens, Dwight Clark, Dave Parks and Gene Washington as the only 49ers player with at least 1,100 yards in a season.

Thanks to Adusoron the Brave for asking about Crabtree in the comments below this item.

The chart compares Crabtree's per-game stats this season to what they were for his previous three seasons. I added a column showing the change for teammate Vernon Davis over the same period.

Crabtree was up. Davis was down.