Wilson, RG III are a cool 11-1 since Week 11

2012 Griffin-Wilson Since Week 11

You might hear a thing or two about Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III heading into the Seattle Seahawks-Washington Redskins wild-card playoff game Sunday.

The quarterbacks are leading candidates for offensive rookie of the year. The Associated Press is collecting awards ballots by Thursday, rendering playoff results irrelevant to voters.

There's so much to like about both quarterbacks.

The chart shows how each has fared since Week 11. The Redskins are 6-0 over that stretch. Seattle, which had a bye in Week 11, is 5-1 over the same span. Each quarterback has played in six games over that span, with Griffin missing one game to injury.

Some of the key numbers line up almost identically.

Both are at 9.2 yards per pass attempt, an unusually high figure over any extended period. Their NFL passer rating are approaching 120. Wilson has 15 total touchdowns. Griffin has 13. Wilson has an 11-2 ratio of passing touchdowns to interceptions. The ratio is 12-2 for Griffin.

Like I said, we'll be sizing up these quarterbacks all week, starting with this initial snapshot.