Bears are bums? Easy for Davis to say

The day began with Seahawks receiver Nate Burleson tiptoeing toward the line between merely expressing confidence and inciting the opposition.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis obliterated the line when he made this assessment about Week 10 opponent Chicago: "I think we can destroy their guys up front. I don't see anything spectacular about their front line. Their LBs, I think we can handle them pretty well. I like [defensive end] Adewale Ogunleye. I think he's performing well for them, but he's the only guy I like in their line.''

Easy for Davis to say. He's not lining up at center, guard or tackle every play.

I tend to think opponents consider the source on these things. Davis talks a big game. He's playing one this season. The net effect for the 49ers would be much worse if, say, quarterback Alex Smith made those comments.

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