Called runs: Seahawks, Redskins up there

Called Run Pct., 1st/2nd Down

The Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks like to run the football.

Their running backs and quarterbacks are threats to run through any defense.

The numbers for Washington's Alfred Morris and Seattle's Marshawn Lynch tell some of the story.

The charts fill in some of the blanks. They show where each team ranks in percentage of called running plays on first and second downs. Called runs exclude plays when quarterbacks scrambled after first dropping back to pass.

St. Louis ranked 17th (46.6 percent) and Arizona ranked 29th (40.4) in called run percentage.

Called Run Pct., 1st/2nd Dn., Score Within 3

Of course, game situations also dictate how frequently teams use called running plays. The second chart shows the percentages when the scoring margin is within three points.

The Seahawks and Redskins still rank among the top five, but the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings surpass them in the rankings. The Rams jump to eighth (50.6) and the Cardinals to 12th (49.3) in these situations.

Note: I was putting together this item when Brock Huard of ESPN and 710ESPN Seattle inquired about three statistical variables for Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and Seahawks counterpart Russell Wilson. The results trended pretty hard in one direction. Back in a bit with details from that discussion.