Programming note: Bound for Washington

Good morning. I've got a big travel day Saturday and will be landing in Washington, D.C, late in the afternoon.

I'm working on a few items for the blog and hope to post them while the plane is in the air. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to check out Doug Clawson's post to the ESPN Stats & Info blog previewing the Seattle Seahawks' upcoming wild-card game against the Washington Redskins.

Among Doug's observations after watching coaches' video on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III: "Griffin was hit at least eight times in 11 of his first 13 games this season, and was hit on nearly one-third of all plays. But in the last two games, he’s only been hit a combined total of eight times, lowering his 'hit rate' to only 15 percent of plays. He’s shown more of a willingness to slide recently, perhaps influenced by Russell Wilson, who does so frequently in the option. Griffin slid only five times in his first 13 games, but has slid twice in the last two weeks."

Doug studied RG III in the context of the quarterback's knee injury. He found him to be running just as effectively, but playing the game a bit differently, perhaps.