Seahawks vs. 49ers for SB: What are odds?

Greetings. The mind wanders during a six-hour flight across the country. More than once during the trip home I envisioned the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers playing one another in the NFC Championship Game.

Imagine what that one would do for the rivalry.

What are the odds? 5-2 are the odds. That's the word from the online sports book Bovada now that Seattle and San Francisco are each one victory away from meeting for the third time this season and the second time in five weeks.

Seattle and its next opponent, Atlanta, are each 7-1 shots to win it all this season. Denver (11-4), New England (7-2), San Francisco (6-1) and Green Bay (6-1) stand ahead of the Seahawks and Falcons. Houston and Baltimore are each 18-1.

After returning from the Seahawks' 24-14 victory over Washington, I'll be heading to San Francisco for the Packers-49ers game Saturday. The game kicks off too late (8 p.m. ET) for me to realistically catch red-eye flight to Atlanta in time for the Seahawks' 1 p.m. ET kickoff against the Falcons on Sunday.

That's too bad. I'd hoped to pull off an NFC West double. There's still a chance if both teams win in the divisional round.