Countdown Daily: Seahawks prediction

ESPN's Tedy Brucshi and Herm Edwards differ in predicting a winner for the Seattle Seahawks' divisional playoff game at Atlanta. They offer thoughts in the video above.

There's an 8-4 split favoring the Falcons among ESPN's analysts.

My prediction appeared during our recent "Double Coverage" item. An excerpt:

"I think the Falcons are finally ready to break through and win in the postseason. I'm just not sure they've drawn the right opponent to make that happen. Seattle is the more physical team. The Seahawks have beaten seven teams that finished the regular season with a winning record (the number is two for Atlanta). While Seattle was posting the NFL's best strength-of-victory percentage, the Falcons were fattening up on the NFL's easiest schedule. Atlanta is at once the No. 1 seed and the team stepping up in class. Matt Ryan's going to need a great game to prove wrong my 27-20 prediction for another Seahawks victory."