Won-lost records vs. current playoff teams

2012 Records vs. Current Playoff Teams

Three teams have posted winning records against the field of 12 playoff participants.

Two of those teams call the NFC West home.

Seattle's wild-card victory against Washington made the Seahawks 5-1 against the playoff field. The San Francisco 49ers are 3-2 against those teams. The teams went 1-1 against one another. The 49ers also lost to Minnesota.

The Atlanta Falcons, despite playing the NFL's easiest schedule, were the only team undefeated against the playoff field. They defeated Denver and Washington in the first five weeks of the season.

Seattle went 4-0 at home against the playoff field. Indianapolis (3-0), New England (3-1) and Baltimore (3-1) also won at least three home games against playoff teams.

Atlanta (1-0), Tampa Bay (2-1) and Pittsburgh (2-1) were the only teams with winning records on the road against the playoff field.

Tennessee (0-7), Buffalo (0-6), Kansas City (0-6), Oakland (0-5) and San Diego (0-5) were a combined 0-29 against playoff teams.

The records listed in the chart include playoff results: Houston over Cincinnati, Green Bay over Minnesota, Baltimore over Indianapolis and Seattle over Washington.

New England (plus-64), Seattle (plus-45) and Green Bay (plus-25) have the largest positive point differentials against playoff teams. Tennessee (minus-140), Buffalo (minus-124), Arizona (minus-112) and Oakland (minus-106) had the largest negative differentials.