What inactives say about Packers' approach

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Green Bay Packers have six wide receivers active for their divisional-round playoff game against San Francisco, a high number that could foreshadow a more pass-oriented strategy against the 49ers.

Green Bay has become more likely to run on first down lately, but if the Packers feel as though the 49ers' defense is too stout for such tactics, they could shift to more of a pass-oriented approach -- particularly if they think an injury to San Francisco's Justin Smith compromises the 49ers' pass rush.

That is one line of thinking, anyway. Donald Driver is among the Packers' receivers active. He was inactive last week. The Packers are healthier at receiver than they've been for most of the season. That also could explain why they have so many wideouts active.

Kicker Billy Cundiff is among the 49ers' inactive players. The team signed him as insurance when David Akers struggled. Coach Jim Harbaugh indicated during the week that Akers would serve as the kicker for this divisional-round game.