Closing thoughts on 49ers' Smith, Gore

Jason Paradise and Floyd Hanson of ESPN Stats & Information just passed along some telling stats from the 49ers' 10-6 victory over the Bears:

  • Quarterback Alex Smith completed 15 of 19 passes for 98 yards and an 88.2 rating on passes that traveled 10 yards or less. He completed 1 of 4 passes for 20 yards, one interception and an 8.3 rating on passes traveling longer than 10 yards. I think the 49ers had concerns in protection. They also played not to lose.

  • Only seven of Smith's 23 pass attempts traveled farther than 5 yards downfield. He completed two of them for 29 yards.

  • Smith completed 9 of 11 passes for 71 yards and a 93.6 rating from the shotgun.

  • Frank Gore averaged 8.1 yards per carry running outside and 1.5 yards per carry running between the tackles.