Rob Ryan and Rams: Defensive rankings

Rob Ryan's interview with the St. Louis Rams regarding their vacant defensive-coordinator position invites a look into where his defenses have ranked over the years.

The answer: not as high as I would have anticipated.

The chart shows where Ryan's defenses in Oakland (2004-2008), Cleveland (2009-2010) and Dallas (2011-2012) ranked in the NFL over his full tenures with those teams.

Rankings in any one season could have been higher or lower. These rankings take a longer-range view. The final column shows where the Rams ranked in 2012 without anyone holding the title of defensive coordinator.

Every situations was different. Producing a No. 25 ranking with lesser personnel might be more impressive than producing a No. 15 ranking with more talented personnel. Injuries played a significant role in the Cowboys' defensive struggles this season.

I'll take a closer look if the Rams hire Ryan. For now, though, the position remains open in St. Louis.

Rob Ryan NFL Rankings as Defensive Coordinator vs. 2012 Rams Rankings